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Tin Tuc Nguoi Viet Toan Cau

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Viet news including financial news.

Watch Vietnamese news daily… News is from many sources and around the world (US, England, France, Vietnam,…)

Tin Tuc Viet Toan Cau.com, www.tintucviettoancau.com, is a site which you can not miss it; it has almost everything like daily news from official sites, healthcare news, common law news, immigration news, entertainment news and many more.  Furthermore, there is a special channel for everybody who want improving their English language such as VOA learning English.

VOA Tieng Viet / VOA Vietnamese

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When seeing the world “VOA”, you probably know what is it, but anyway we will write a brief description about VOA for someone who does not know what/who/where VOA is. VOA is a short word of Voice of America; it is an official broadcast of the government of the United State of America and located in Washington DC; VOA deliveries news in many languages, for example, Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish,… however, the main language is English.


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Vietnam Net is another Vietnam news site which has 2 locations (Saigon and Ha Noi) and deliveries news daily/hourly.  As we noticed, it’s a site which had many reporters were captured by Vietnam government.  These reporters were soon later popular in Vietnamese communities around the world especially in US and also well known by Washington D.C.  Soon after couples of reporters were captured last couple years, the new director was replaced.


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vnExpress.net is a Vietnamese news website which deliveries news hourly; news from Vietnam and worldwide news (mostly from US news).  vnExpress.net has two locations; ones is in Saigon and ones is in Ha Noi, Vietnam.  It’s the first Vietnam website with low  Communist ideals expression.  At the early age, it allows people to share their news, but now, we are not sure.