VOA Tieng Viet / VOA Vietnamese

Tin Tuc Nguoi Viet Toan Cau *** VOA Tieng Viet – Hỏi đáp y học *** VOA Tieng Viet – VOA Vietnamese *** RFA Tieng Viet / RFA Vietnamese *** Tin Tuc Am Nhac Viet – Vietnamese Music News *** Viet Giai Tri / Vietnamese Entertainment  Viet news including financial news, Vietnamese around the world,… more and more stuffs are coming… Read More »

RFA Tieng Viet / RFA Vietnamese

RFA Vietnamese – Đài Á Châu Tự Do RFA Vietnamese is a place you can find a bunch of news about Vietnam – the true life, the money, the people,… especially the government. The channel is part of RFA but in Vietnamese language. We heard a lot people have been block out from other country so… Read More »

Tin Tuc Am Nhac Viet – Vietnamese Music News

Tieng To Dong Tiếng Tơ Đồng – Xem Show is a television show about music background has many interviews with popular artists, musician, … hosted by Ngoc Dan Thanh & Chi Tam. aired in US air on SBTN California weekly (we believe so.) interview/discuss so far: music/opera writer/producer/…: soan gia Nguyen Phuong, Loan Thao, Ha… Read More »

Viet Giai Tri / Vietnamese Entertainment

Vietnamese American Entertainment Companies   Popular US based Vietnamese production/entertainment corp orates in the United States: Thuy Nga Productions – http://tintucnow.com/thuy-nga-paris-by-night/ is known as Trung Tam Thuy Nga, Thuy Nga Corp., Thuy Nga Productions. produces Paris By Night music shows, music CDS, movies, films, magazines, calendars, entertainment TV shows, posters, audio books (the popular is… Read More »

Tin Tuc Nguoi Viet Toan Cau

Watch Vietnamese news daily… News is from many sources and around the world (US, England, France, Vietnam,…) Tin tuc tren internet Tin Tuc Viet Toan Cau.com, www.tintucviettoancau.com, is a site which you can not miss it; it has almost everything like daily news from official sites, healthcare news, common law news, immigration news, entertainment news and… Read More »

VOA Tieng Viet – Hỏi đáp y học

VOA Vietnamese’s “Hỏi đáp y học” program: We’re trying to share their healthcare q&a in Vietnamese videos but unsuccessful so we have to wait until they upload on YouTube. Sorry, that’s all we can do. Hỏi đáp y học: Nang dưới niêm mạc hành tá tràng http://tintucbay.com/viet-video/?catid=voa-tin-tuc-suc-khoe&slg=hoi-dap-y-hoc-nang-duoi-niem-mac-hanh-ta-trang Hỏi đáp y học: Bệnh bạch biến http://tintucbay.com/viet-video/?catid=voa-tin-tuc-suc-khoe&slg=hoi-dap-y-hoc-benh-bach-bien… Read More »


Bien & Dao Viet Nam / Vietnam Sea & Islands Tôi yêu biển đảo Việt Nam Xem Video is about Vietnam islands and sea. aired in Vietnam by Dong Nai TV. including the island’s history, background, location, total, distance, economic & military effect,… islands discussed: Bien Dong (Far East) – Hoang Sa, Truong Sa, coastal… Read More »


vnExpress.net is a Vietnamese news website which deliveries news hourly; news from Vietnam and worldwide news (mostly from US news).  vnExpress.net has two locations; ones is in Saigon and ones is in Ha Noi, Vietnam.  It’s the first Vietnam website with low  Communist ideals expression.  At the early age, it allows people to share their… Read More »