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Posted on : 31-07-2014 | By : Little Saigon | In : Web News

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Tin Tuc Nguoi Viet Toan Cau *** VOA Tieng Viet – Hỏi đáp y học *** VOA Tieng Viet - VOA Vietnamese *** VietnamNet.vn *** vnExpress.net 

Viet news including financial news, Vietnamese around the world,...

more and more stuffs are coming soon!

Watch Vietnamese news daily… News is from many sources and around the world (US, England, France, Vietnam,…)

Tin Tuc Viet Toan Cau.com, www.tintucviettoancau.com, is a site which you can not miss it; it has almost everything like daily news from official sites, healthcare news, common law news, immigration news, entertainment news and many more.  Furthermore, there is a special channel for everybody who want improving their English language such as VOA learning English.

Currently video News: VOA tieng Viet, RFA Vietnamese, RFI Viet, BBC Vietnamese, SBTN,  …

  • Healthcare, Common Law, Immigration , Tet “Vietnamese New Year” 2013, Viet English
  • Other Vietnamese news sites, www.tintucexpress.com:  dai tieng noi hoa ky:  voa tieng viet / voa vietnamese / voa / learning english / voa tieng viet online, dai a chau tu do:  rfa tieng viet / dai rfa / rfa vietnamese / rfa, vnexpress (news from Vietnam), vietnamnet (news from Vietnam), calitoday / bao calitoday / cali, bao nguoi viet / nguoi viet / nguoi viet online, vien dong, sbtn, bbc tieng viet / bbc vietnamese / tin tuc bbc, phobolsatv / pho bolsa tv / tin tuc viet nam, saigonbao / sai gon bao, cong hoa / quoc phong / cong hoa viet nam, more coming soon!
    www.tintucnow.com, www.vietflorida.com, www.ttvtc.com,

At Tin Tuc Viet Toan Cau.com, you will see how Vietnamese life and communities around the world today.

Vietnamese News from United States, Canada, England, France, Australia, Japan, South Korea

  1. VOA Tieng Viet – voa.gov, voatiengviet.com
  2. RFA Tieng Viet – rfa.org, rfa.org/vietnamese
  3. Bao Nguoi Viet – Cali – nguoi-viet.com, Tay Bac - nvnorthwest.com
  4. Vien Dong Daily News – viendong.com
  5. SBTN – sbtn.net, sbtn.tv, sbtn.info
  6. BBC Tieng Viet – bbc.co.uk, bbc.co.uk/vietnamese
  7. RFI Tieng Viet – rfi.fr, viet.rfi.fr
  8. Bay Vut – bayvut.com
  9. South Korea – world.kbs.co.kr/vietnamese
  10. Japan -
  11. Cong Dong Nguoi Viet o My / Vietnamese USA Communities: cdnvqglbhk.org
    Nguoi Viet Nam California – congdongnguoivietquocgianamcalifornia.com
    Nguoi Viet Utah - vietnameseutah.org; nguoiviettudoutah.org;
    Nguoi Viet Dallas - congdongdallas.org;
    Nguoi Viet Nam Florida – congdongnamflorida.com;
    Nguoi Viet Oregon - congdongvietnamoregon.org;
    Nguoi Viet Albany, New York – cdvnalbany.com,
    Nguoi Viet New York - dienhanhvanhoaquocte.org; cdvnlbhk.org;
    Nguoi Viet Georgia - vac-ga.com;
    Nguoi Viet Atlanta - nguoivietatlanta.com;
    Nguoi Viet Richmond, Virginia - richmondvietnameseassociation.org;
  12. Cong Dong Nguoi Viet o Chau Au / Vietnamese European Communities:
    Pháp - congdongnguoiviet.fr;
  13. Cong Dong Nguoi Viet o Uc Chau / Vietnamese Australian Communities:
    Nguoi Viet Uc Chau – cdvietaus.net;

Vietnamese News from Vietnam

  1. VN Express – vnexpress.com
  2. VietnamNet – vietnamnet.vn
  3. Dan Tri – dantri.com.vn
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