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Posted on : 23-01-2014 | By : Little Saigon | In : Official News Sites

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When seeing the world “VOA”, you probably know what is it, but anyway we will write a brief description about VOA for someone who does not know what/who/where VOA is. VOA is a short word of Voice of America; it is an official broadcast of the government of the United State of America and located in Washington DC; VOA deliveries news in many languages, for example, Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish,… however, the main language is English.

Watch VOA Vietnamese news daily / Xem tin tuc dai VOA hang ngay

News in English – www.voa.gov or www.voanews.com
Learning English – learningenglish.voanews.com
Vietnamese – www.voa.gov/vietnamese or www.voatiengviet.com - Tiếng Việt

Here are some of subdivision news:

News in Asia languages:

  1. voabangla.com - বাংলা
  2. pashtovoa.com - پښتو
  3. darivoa.com - دری
  4. urduvoa.com - اردو
  5. voadeewaradio.com - وی او اې ډيوه ريډیو
  6. Vietnamese – www.voatiengviet.com – Tiếng Việt
  7. Korean – voakorea.com – 한국어
  8. Tibetan – voatibetan.com, voatibetanenglish.com – བོད་ཡིག
  9. Laos – lao.voanews.com – ລາວ
  10. Chinese (Cantonese) – voacantonese.com – 粵語
  11. Chinese – voachinese.com – 中文
  12. Khmer – khmer.voanews.com, Khmervoacambodia.com- ខ្មែរ
  13. Burmese – Burmeseburmese.voanews.com
  14. Indonesia – Indonesiavoaindonesia.com – Bahasa
  15. Thai – voathai.com - ไทย

More information about VOA, check us later.

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